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Bullet Blocker®

Concealable Executive Bulletproof Vest


Regular price $399.99

The Bullet Blocke r executive vests light weight and versatility allows for NIJ IIIA protection while unnoticed. Designed for comfort, concealability and bulletproof protection. Ideal for the office, travel or when extra protection is required. Offers two bulletproof panels for front and rear torso protection. Adjustable shoulder and torso straps provide a tight yet comfortable fit. Can be worn either under or outside of clothing. 


  • Two 12" x 16" adjustable NIJ IIIA Kevlar® Panels
  • Light Weight
  • Washable Nylon covers


  • DuPont™ Kevlar®NIJ IIIA technologies
  • Rated for  NIJ IIIA standards stopping a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 caliber and more