Bulletproof protection used in backpacks, inserts, panels, vests and cases is rated by the Nation Institute of Justice (NIJ). These levels rate the protection offered by the ballistic protective materials. These level are: NIJ II / NIJ IIIA / NIJ III / NIJ IV.

As the level rating increases the level of protection increases. The types of materials used in the bulletproof protection device determines its ability to protect from varying types of ammunition. Below is a chart showing the levels of protection available. This chart provides graphical insight as to what our ballistic protective armor can protect you from.

This chart shows the protection offered by each NIJ Level.

 bulletproof NIJ protection chart

The draw back of the higher levels of protection ( III / IV ) is the increase in weight. Almost all NIJ II and NIJ IIIA levels of protection are made of a semi-soft light weight material. This allows for comfort and mobility. The higher levels are typically made of steel plates or ceramic plates. This allows for higher caliber and velocity protection but increases the weight any where from 3-10 lbs. 

There are factors you must take into consideration when deciding on the protection you are looking for. For backpacks, bags, vests and cases the preferred level is the NIJ IIIA bulletproof panels. This is the most common level worn by law enforcement. The higher levels are typically worn for tactical and military purposes. 

There is no material readily available in the consumer market place that can claim to be 100% "bulletproof". That being said, the NIJ certified ratings for these materials go through a multitude of test to ensure their reliability.

Here is a demonstration of a NIJ IIIA insert being put to the test.


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