Diamondback Armor® Bulletproof Backpack

Three levels of ballistic protection available! Protects from AR15 & AK47 ammo!

Diamondback Armor® Bulletproof Backpacks are in a class of their own. Offering unparalleled ballistic protective armor while maintaining a smart and stylish look. Designed to meet all of your needs, whether it is travel, school, work or outdoor trips, these backpacks are by far the most adaptable backpacks in our collection. Comfortable, high capacity and durable, these backpacks go above and beyond. Its NIJ IIIA inserts are made of the highest quality Aramid fabrics available. This backpacks combines style and protection at the highest level.. Be safe and secure at all times with a bulletproof backpack from one of our most trusted ballistic protective armor brands.

Our standard level of NIJ IIIA protection is the most commonly used by law enforcement to protect from handguns and shotguns. For high velocity protection we offer our NIJ III+ Steel Core and NIJ III+ PE which protect from all handguns as well as the 5.56 / 7.62 common rounds used in the AR15 and AK47. Provides multiple round protection. All of our inserts are removable and interchangeable.